Top Fashion Influencer Jenee Naylor

Top Fashion Influencer: Jenee Naylor
Top Fashion Influencer: Jenee Naylor

Jenee Naylor, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, is a social media influencer with 167K subscribers on YouTube, 327K followers on Instagram and almost 161K on TikTok. Through her social platforms, she shares her experiences as a fashion influencer, wife, friend, and entrepreneur.

Jenee’s style can be described as feminine, bold and colourful. You can often see her in statement pieces, such as a bright pink suit, feather dress, blinged-out heels or a metallic handbag. She can literally pull off anything.

As you can tell by her socials, Naylor is not afraid to splurge on designer products. Nowadays, people are often influenced by trends, mistaking it for ‘investment pieces’, because when it comes to fashion, knowing what to ‘invest’ in, when, and why can be difficult. Jenee Naylor, however, knows just how to help her audience with that. She has a passion for luxury products and has a handbag collection to die for! What sets her apart from other influencers, however, is that she encourages her audience to buy designer items wisely, as opposed to frivolity or impulsive, regretful buying. So if you want to know more about investing in designer items, Jenee is just the right person to follow.


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