Top Fashion Influencer Maryann Santos

Top Fashion Influencer: Maryann Santos
Top Fashion Influencer: Maryann Santos

Maryann is a rising social media influencer, with currently 107k followers on Instagram. She is mainly known for showing off her cool outfits and is able to maintain the attention of her audience with her unique style.It is difficult to describe Maryann’s style, as she has such a distinctive way of dressing herself; she is one of a kind! Santos likes to wear garments that lean more towards street style, such as cargo pants, dad jeans, oversized hoodies and bucket hats. However, she taps into her feminine side just as much, by wearing bodycon dresses, crop tops, long skirts and heels. Maryann loves colours, prints but also loves her black and whites. She really can pull off anything. Moreover, she always makes sure her hair and make are flawless to complete her looks. So if you are looking for someone that will always surprise you with banging outfits, Maryann is just the right person for you.


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