Understanding CompTIA IT Certification Requirements in 2020: 5 things you need to know

Understanding CompTIA IT Certification Requirements in 2020

To get a kick start in the career, a person needs to be certified in various fields like computer security, system administration, etc. Here are some of the CompTIA certifications that can be pursued:

  1. CompTIA security+
  2. CompTIA A+
  3. CompTIA advanced security practitioner
  4. CompTIA network+
  5. CompTIA server+

These CompTIA A+ certification can throw light on the expertise ideal inside a person. But in 2020, the situation being so unfavourable to apply for a degree in offline mode makes it very important to know about the online facilities that the course provides. The best part of IT certifications is that it need not be taught inside the four walls of a classroom. Even with the availabilities at home, a person can turn to a producer from a consumer and learn all the tech skills and prove to be an IT job candidate in a few months.

Here are some tech skills that you should practice at home:

  1. Troubleshooting – It is referred to as the act of customer care. One of the first things to be learned is customer service and to have an idea that they are at ease. As in this time, everything is online; it becomes important to entertain the customer’s needs as they are much prone to being frustrated. It is difficult to make them comfortable online compared to offline meet as they cannot be felt homely by the behaviours.

 The only factor possible here is patience, as it is needed to be a good listener to the customer. One has to listen to the problems they have and the kind of solutions they are looking forward to. It is unnecessary to answer every query the customer brings forth; rather, it’s important to know how to tackle and find the answer: that speaks of a good business technique. The practice to such handling is provided by a lot of software like Zoho Assist, TeamViewer, VNC connects, or LogMeIn and they can be beneficial for students since they can operate this from home by Sprintzeal.

  1. Use of operating systems – One can try installing various operating systems available and working on it. For example, one can download Windows 10 for free and be acquainted with it until they use it for production, and the same for Linux, which is an open system and has numerous applications for free.
  1. Virtual implementation – It is important to figure out how things work, and the best way is to try messing it up and putting it back again. This is something people can usually do. The best way to try is by setting up a sacrificial operating system which can be availed from Virtual Box. Even if one fails to put it back, he can start from the very beginning, and this time he can be precise about the areas where he has to put in those extra efforts. This can result in having a better working idea virtually.
  1. Storing units – Every device stores data and one must understand the kind of storage it provides. Technically, there are three storage units :
  • Internal storage – It is the hard disk in common terms, and all the data are primarily stored here.
  • External storage- It is the extra SD card that we input into our devices to expand the storing cells if needed.
  • Cloud storage – This is the storage of data from apps. It has the backup technique, which can lend us our data even when we change the device. Some of them are Mega, IDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.
  1. Knowledge of networking – Before working on anything, prior knowledge of networking is important. One can use things manually to know and understand the networking system like on paper, or different applications can help one practice and knowledge about networking. Once the basic knowledge has been gained, a deeper dive into the topic can be made. Several applications like GPS, Bluetooth, radio, etc., work on the networks.

Therefore one can enjoy various facilities during this pandemic and can gear up for the course. It becomes a bit monotonous sitting on the screen and learning. But one can stick to this by practicing a lot as IT can always be fun, by practically implementing the stuff learned, and trying again and again when you fail once because perfection is achieved. 


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