Underwear Design And Manufacturing Basics

Underwear Design And Manufacturing Basics

Still life shot of a mannequin and a clothing rail in a workshop

1) Find an Opportunity!

Entering the lingerie department of a department store / specialty store for the first time was a spectacular experience for a man eight feet tall with little knowledge of the lingerie industry. But for me and my team, understanding the luxury lingerie market, shopping habits and trends was key. On-site market research has proven to be the most effective way to obtain this information.

Intimate clothing is an intimate experience, so I asked my friends as if they were buying a gift from a good friend. I had a question, knowing the price of our line, the materials we use and the customers we serve. In this way, we were able to gain special experience and advice from people who know the product best.

Three basic information about the lingerie industry:

Men buy more luxurious lingerie sets than women. They also buy more colors and more styles in lace.

The quality offered by competitors could have been higher to guarantee the price. Consumers will notice the difference without knowing the technical side.

Most over-the-counter lingerie products are not underwear manufacturers in the United States or locally. This gave us tons of ideas to start rebranding and arranging the line. We gathered all the information we found and started applying it to our brand. Our photos show more kits, focus on high-quality details, and show our proud production capacity in the United States.

2) Make sure the fabric fits well.

It is a very important brand or a breakthrough for clothing lines in every part of the industry. Needless to say, product development doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to test and get a few rounds of good samples. Don’t be surprised if the concept you’ve started isn’t the one you’ve finished. The design process is the best any brand has ever experienced. Fabrics can be the biggest catalyst for design change and fit.

As we are a luxury lingerie brand, Bread and Butter is a charmose 19mm silk. We have experimented with other fabrics in the past. After a few trial and error, I bought material that I thought was great, but it turned out to be difficult. Always test on a trial site to avoid costly mistakes. If your line is washable, make sure the fabric remains intact throughout the wash. If the line is only dry-cleaned, make sure the material can withstand the dry-cleaning process. Bad experiences with fabrics can affect the success of your business.

Professional Underwear Fabric Search Tips:

Silk is a fiber. Charmose fabric. Creates a textile fabric. Don’t assume that all amulets are facedown the same way. Polyester charmose has a higher density than silk and has a different draping. You can use silk charmose, silk chiffon, silk satin etc. Everyone has their own life.

Stretching a dough doesn’t mean it stretches like any other dough. Stretchy material and working with it is an art in itself. The rate of expansion and contraction depends on the fiber, weaving and processing. If you are making garments that require stretching (such as panties), you will need to change the pattern. The stretch factor may increase by an additional 2-3 inches for every 1 inch of fabric.

The best way to check the stretching speed is to cut a centimeter of fabric and draw it on a ruler. If you just press the 2 inch mark, the stretch ratio indicates that the 1 inch material will stretch another inch. If you are using heavy stretch fabrics, the medium size can accommodate a wider range than light stretch fabrics.

Three important questions for fabric suppliers:

Can the dough be postponed?

Will the colors for the next season be released?

How long does it take? Do you offer other fabrics?

If a factory or supplier orders more branded fabrics, they will be more motivated to work with the brand at the lowest prices, prices and conditions. Experience has shown that the best fabrics you find come from sellers who specialize in this fabric and have many options.

3) I know your race.

Lace is always fashionable, not fashionable. However, lace has always been a staple in the world of intimate clothing. Knowing all the different laces and styles is essential. Not all shoelaces are made the same, and working with them requires a lot of learning.


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