What to Check Before Deciding Admission to a School in Noida?

School in Noida
School in Noida

Finding a School in Noida for your kid is an exceptionally monotonous task yet getting admission to your ideal school is far more challenging. The schools in India for the most part drain out your energy in the course of getting admission to your desired institution. 

The students should begin preparing for something very similar eventually yet as a parent, the process begins much before that. Searching for the best school isn’t just about going for the most elevated school, yet observing one to see that the kid would be happy studying there for the next few years. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind to get admission to your desired school.

Philosophy of school 

Before you make your decision on which CBSE school in Noida to go to, you need to be aware of the teaching philosophy of the school. Check with the school about their teaching methods; whether they incorporate new-age modern technology as part of their classes or prefer to stick by the traditional ways of teaching. It is always a good idea to go for a mix of both that is the right balance of digital technology mixed with the student-teacher blackboard interactions.

Read the feedback of associated parents

As with any product or service, it is very important to review the feedback on them. The same goes with any school that you plan on enrolling your kid in. You should never complete the child’s school admission in Noida before reading the feedback of the parents of other kids that go to the school. This is very important for you to learn about how the school is. The feedback will also have both mixed reviews – the positive aspects as well as the negative aspects.

Focus on the student-teacher ratio

It is also very important to focus on the student-teacher ratio while picking a CBSE school in Noida. You should pick a school that does not have too many students in one classroom to ensure that your kid would be given enough attention.

Seamless Virtual Learning

During the covid-19 pandemic, education did not take a back seat, instead, it took a different route and tried something that was never tried before in the educational spectrum. Although the pandemic effect has been reduced, still it has its impact on all of us. This is why we also need to make sure that the school is very well acquainted with the whole online education mode and knows a way to teach students interactively yet passively.


Choosing an appropriate curriculum for your kid is similar to choosing the right pair of shoes. If required, consult an academic counselor to get a better understanding of your child’s educational needs and which curriculum will be the most suitable. Accordingly, shortlist the schools based on your preference.

The Faculty

The CBSE schools in Noida hold a high standard about their faculty panel. Make sure the school is functioned by a team of highly qualified teaching faculty and assisted by efficient staff and other authorities. Streamlined coordination among the teaching and non-teaching faculty ensures a prestigious quality of school management, beneficial for the students.

Bottom Line: 

There’s more to it, like the campus, proximity, pedagogical methodology, safety and security, transportation facilities and many such factors. Students spend the first 14-16 years of their lives in schools. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the best quality of education so that they can prepare themselves in the best way for their future endeavors. You can opt for a campus tour before enrolling your wards in any school to get a clear view of all the mentioned factors.

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