Who is Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife Rhonda Worthey? Get To Know Everything Here

Who is Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife Rhonda Worthey? Get To Know Everything Here
Who is Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife Rhonda Worthey? Get To Know Everything Here

Everyday stories of celebrity divorce cases govern the airwaves. 

Troy Aikman’s life is one of them. In April 2011, Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey’s divorce was a trending topic. 

The two separated their ways after living together as husband and wife for more than ten years. So, what happened to Troy Aikman and his ex-wife? 

Who is Rhonda Worthey?

Rhonda Worthey is an American Reality TV personality, commentator, and Publicist.

She is commonly recognized as the ex-wife of Troy Aikman, the retired expert football player and college football hall of fame member who spent his entire career at the Dallas Cowboy.

Rhonda Worthey became popular after getting married to the NFL superstar Troy Aikman. Rhonda Worthey was married to the renowned football quarterback. The two had a prosperous dating life which led to marriage. 

Their bond became more vital as their marriage was sealed with two lovely children, Ashley, and Alexa Aikman. In a surprising twist of events, they decided to call it quits. The court granted them to divorce in 2011. She has moved on and has involved herself in her career while her ex-husband has remarried. 

Rhonda and Aikman Love story

Rhonda and Aikman’s love story dates back to 1998 when the two first became sweethearts. 

They dated for one and a half years before they settled down. Rhonda and Aikman walked down the aisle in April 2000 at Troy’s mansion located in Plano, Texas. 

The couple was honored with their first daughter in August 2001, while their second daughter was born in July 2002. 

Aikman and Rhonda then spent the next ten years continuing as husband and wife before calling it ended on April 12, 2011; after their divorce, they were given equal custody over their daughters by the court. 

Unlike Troy, who has been involved in another relationship, Rhonda’s current relationship status is single as she has not remarried since her divorce from Troy.

What Caused The Divorce Of Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey? 

The actual reason why Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey divorced remains unexplained. They publicly announced that they were separating but did not disclose the exact cause of their divorce. 

The couple only said that they would remain deeply committed to their children as they had been granted equal custody over their girls. 

Mr. Aikman called the decision of separating from his wife a difficult one. The couple had lived together as husband and wife for 11 years, and it looks there was trouble brewing in their marriage for quite some time. 

They decided that it was best for them to go their separate ways as their happy life had come crumbling down due to reasons only known to the two.

Rhonda Worthey: Real Housewives reality TV 

The Real Housewives reality TV is one of the biggest reality shows in the United States. It focuses on the lives of high-profile women from different parts of the United States. The show began in 2012 and Rhonda is best known for being one of the reality television show stars.


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