Women Says Paul flores Raped her (KRISTIN SMART) 2022

Women Says Paul flores Raped her (KRISTIN SMART) 2022
Women Says Paul flores Raped her (KRISTIN SMART) 2022

When Paul Flores was arrested in April 2021 in the suspicion of murdering Cal Poly student Kristin Smart Then Smart was killed, his Redondo Beach woman was able to recognize his photo. The man was her rapist, she said during Wednesday’s hearing at Monterey County Superior Court. The woman, who was identified by the court as Ronda Doe, stood on the podium in hearings of Paul Flores, who is accused of killing Smart in 1996, and hiding her body using the help by the father of Ruben Flores. Doe confessed to being sexually assaulted in 2008 by Paul Flores in 2008 after she had a chat with the man at a restaurant in Redondo Beach.


Doe claimed that she was in Grover Beach and attended Cal Poly in the fall quarter of 1995, until the winter quarter of 1996 or the fall quarter of the year 1996. In that time she was able to quit her San Luis Obispo university. She lived in Grover Beach until some time in 1997, according to her claims. Even though Doe said she was aware regarding the demise of Smart in the year 1996., she can not recall reading any reports concerning Flores possible connection to the disappearance. After moving out of in the San Luis Obispo County area, Doe testified, has not been following any of its local news sources. She was aware of the news coverage of Flores 2021’s arrest on an Los Angeles County area news agency, she claimed.

Doe claimed that she can remember Flores sitting in front of her naked, and engaging in vaginal intimate relations with her without her consent. She claimed that he asked her whether she recognized his name, but she was unable to remember. “He seemed satisfied with that answer,” she said in her testimony. Doe stated that she remembers lying on her back with a ball-gag in her mouth when Flores was having an intimate sexual encounter with her – something she would not have consented because of a medical condition she claimed. Doe also recalls a moment of lying on the ground near Flores her bed, curled into an elongated ball and screaming, Doe said. Flores drove Doe home, she said in court, in which Doe suffered from bleeding as well as being painful throughout the two-day period. The woman didn’t file a report of the alleged rape since she was confused about what happened, and didn’t recall much about the night and was aware that rape allegations don’t usually end in a closed case as she claimed.


on Wednesday Camp admitted to the walking paths Doe as well as Flores may have taken after leaving the bar. He also did an conversation of Doe on May 20, 2021 in which Doe was able to identify Flores in the photo line-up. The investigation team confirmed that Flores resided in a residence on 170th street with a driveway that sloped within walking distance of the bar, and close to railway tracks — these are all information that confirm Doe’s memories of the incident.

The blood was not degraded enough to be able to obtain the DNA samples. A blood expert has said it was human blood the test performed did not rule out the possibility that it was derived from the ape or ferret although court records indicate that there was no evidence of an animal were found.

Lawyer James Murphy Jr., who has filed a lawsuit against the dad and his son for the parents of Smart laughed at the notion that the blood was anything other than blood of a human.

The region in which the blood was discovered would indicate it was an ancient ferret that could be located in Jurassic Park,’ Murphy explained. When did you last drove along Tally Ho Road in Arroyo Grande and observed a primate?

In the suit Murphy has filed on behalf of Ruben Flores claimed that under the darkness of night, the father and the unnamed accomplices removed the body for within four days of the time that investigators were in his house in February. Investigators did not conduct their search under the deck until over an entire year after.


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