$10,000 Business Plan Competition: Innovating Longevity

$10,000 Business Plan Competition: Innovating Longevity
$10,000 Business Plan Competition: Innovating Longevity

Finalists to Present at 19th Annual What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit

LAFAYETTE, Calif., June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mary Furlong & Associates (MFA) today announced the finalists for its annual What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit $10,000 Business Plan Competition. “This group of innovators is solving problems that need go-to-market solutions,” said Mary Furlong, founder and CEO of MFA and executive producer of the What’s Next Longevity Summit events. “This life-transforming technology is needed in today’s market.” The finalists will pitch to judges representing top investors in the longevity market in a session on June 6, with the winner being announced live on Wednesday, June 8 at 1:30 pm PDT.

“In my years attending the What’s Next events, sponsoring the event and participating as a judge for the $10K Business Plan Competition, I am consistently impressed by the new innovations brought to us. We have worked with multiple companies that we have been able to add to the portfolio of the Ziegler Link-Age Funds,” said John Hopper, Chief Investment Officer Ziegler Link-Age Funds. “The longevity market has grown since we’ve participated in the competition, and I look forward to this year’s challenge and many more to come.”

The seven finalists who are LAFAYETTE, Calif in longevity are a diverse group of startups representing solutions focused on caring for older adults, including products, services and technologies that consider the impact of caregiver worker shortages (family, home care, senior living), as well as chronic disease management, hearing care, mobility, and innovations that enable quality-of-life improvements for older adults. Special consideration was given to those plans with a focus on diversity and inclusion. The finalists are ABBY by LOGITECH, John Bernadette, CEO; Artifacts, Heather Nicker son, Co-Founder & CEO; Ava, Sheetrock Khan, Founder & CEO; Crown Society, Czarina Lumpy, Co-Founder & Co-CEO; Joe & Bella, Jimmy Loll, CEO & Co-Founder; Living, Rick Watkins, Founder & COT; and Aneurysms, John Alston, CEO & Co-Founder.

Now in its 19th year, the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit is the original thought leader conference focused on the longevity economy, attracting more than 300 investors, entrepreneurs and other experts at the intersection of aging, technology and investment. The virtual event offers an online learning and networking experience with leading authorities on the future trends in the $8.3 trillion U.S. longevity economy.

The competition winner will capture the $10,000 prize, sponsored by First Republic Bank, but all the finalists in this annual competition had the opportunity to pitch their business plan to the top investors in longevity including: Christine Brocade, Vice President of Strategic Innovation, Common Spirit Health; Richard Deuterium, Vice President Trust Ventures; John Hopper, Chief Investment Officer, Ziegler Link-Age Funds; Abby Levy, Managing Partner, Prime time Partner; Rick Robinson, Vice President of Startup Engagement; Age Tech Collaborative from PARA; and Jennifer Style, Care giving Lead, Pivotal Ventures.

“We are so thrilled to see dozens of finalists from around the world and over fifteen universities,” added Furlong. “This year’s business competition is focused on improving care and supporting staffing shortages, issues that are seen throughout this industry. We’re excited to see what solutions entrepreneurs can deliver.”

The semifinalists in the competition are: Beacon, Eatables, Eat well. Be Well, Hydro stasis, i Guard, Peel Away, Ping Cares, and Nu Path.

The What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit event sponsors include: Age Tech Collaborative from PARA, Get Setup, Ageless Innovation, iN2L, Carnelian, Posit Science, CAB HI, Home Instead, Ziegler Link•Age, Life Bio, WAVE, CW, Nationwide, Us Aging, Care giving Club, First Republic Bank, and Sodded.


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