Things You Need To Know About Predictive Index Test

Things You Need To Know About Predictive Index Test
Things You Need To Know About Predictive Index Test

Whenever a person applies for a job at any company, he has to go through a few tests and interviews. These tests measure the ability of a person to perform the job effectively. About 18 million companies in the United States hire employees using Predictive Index tests as a selection tool. These tests comply with the American Psychology Association and are quite effective.

If you are wondering what Predictive Index tests are, and how to pass them, here is a summary of everything you need to know.

What Is A Predictive Index Test?

Companies measure a predictive index of job applicants based on two tests.

1.     Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment

PICA measures the cognitive ability and abstract intelligence of a person. This assessment tries to check applicants’ ability to learn new things and how well they can perform in an office environment. The test consists of questions related to verbal, numeral, and abstract reasoning.

2.     Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

PIBA checks if you are fit for the office environment or not. It discovers the personal motivation and needs of the job applicant and helps employers screen out candidates that may seem fit for the changing office environment and work pressure involved by letting them know the personality traits of the candidate. The test gives candidates a list of adjectives and asks them to define themselves, also how they would react in different situations.

How To Prepare For Predictive Index Tests?

Now if you are a job applicant and want to pass the assessment tests, here are a few tips to achieve success.

To prepare for PICA, you need to understand that the test not only lets employers find the best candidate but also helps the applicant realize if he/she is comfortable with the job. To prepare for PICA you need to understand question types, and then practice with practice tests at home. The type of questions in the test are:

  • Numerical – series, lowest number, numerical problems
  • Verbal – antonyms, analogy, analysis
  • Abstract – series, analogy, odd one out

To prepare for PIBA, you need to be honest and straightforward with the answers. Look at the previous tests and sample questions to understand the nature of the test. A PIBA analyzes personality traits through assessment tools.

  • Dominance

If you score higher, it means that you have dominant and good leadership qualities. Such people are fit for being team leaders. If you score lower, it means that you rely on co-operation and are better for teamwork.

  • Extraversion

High scorers may be perfect for the jobs that involve public dealings, whereas if you score low it means that you are good with working alone and in privacy.

  • Patience

Patient people tend to work at a steady pace and do not like changing the environment quite often. Such people will keep long-term relations in business and social settings. People who score low like to work at a fast pace and in constantly changing environments.

  • Formality

Formal people obey the rules and are organized and disciplined. Whereas, low scorers prefer informality and need freedom from the rules.


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