Watch The Olympics Stable Connections And Many Servers


NordVPN is a fast VPN with stable connections. This popular VPN is therefore very suitable for streaming major sporting events such as the Olympic Games.

NordVPN has more than enough servers in the Netherlands. In addition, NordVPN is very user -friendly and has good value for money.

Watch the Olympics with ExpressVPN: excellent server network and high quality

ExpressVPN is also ideal for streaming the Olympics. This well-known VPN provider has an excellent server network and is also very fast.

Compared to other VPN providers, ExpressVPN is slightly more expensive. You pay a little more, but you are also assured of high quality. ExpressVPN has been at the top of our list of the best VPNs for years.

Watch the Olympics with Surfshark: easy to use and cheap

Surfshark is a fast VPN with a low price. Don’t want to pay too much money for a VPN? Then this VPN is a cheap alternative to other premium VPNs.

Surfshark is also very user-friendly and has strong security options. Surfshark works with many streaming services.

Can I watch the Olympics live with a free VPN?

A free VPN sounds tempting, but we don’t recommend using free VPNs for streaming the Olympics. Many free VPNs have data or speed limits. During an exciting live stream of the Olympic Games, you are of course not waiting for buffering and delays.

If you value your privacy a lot, then a free VPN is not a good idea either. Many free VPNs are not secure. Some free VPNs even make money by selling your data.

Where can I watch the 2021 Olympics?

The 해외스포츠중계  rights to the Olympic Games in Europe are held by Discovery Communications. Below you will find an overview of the channels where you can watch the Summer Games 2021:

  • Discovery will broadcast the sporting event live through their TV broadcaster Eurosport.
  • The Summer Games can also be viewed online via the Eurosport Player.
  • The NOS has bought a sub-license from Discovery and this makes it possible to closely follow many Dutch athletes.

The Olympics can be viewed online via the NOS live stream. This live stream is free but geo-restricted. This means that it is not possible outside the Netherlands to watch the Olympic Games live via a stream. As explained in detail above, a VPN offers a solution in this case.

You can watch every live stream of the Olympic Games via the NOS app. When the app is downloaded in the Netherlands, it is often possible to enjoy the Summer Games in all countries of the EU. Are you on holiday outside Europe? Then the VPN comes in handy again. You can connect to a server in Europe to trick the streaming service into thinking you’re in Europe.

Where do the Olympics take place?

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Logo Tokyo (Japan) is the host country for the 2021 Olympic Games. Japan is a well-known setting for the Summer Olympics. Tokyo previously hosted the Summer Games in 1964. The Winter Olympics have also been hosted in Japan twice before.