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Between 2018 and 2019 alone, sports marketing


Experienced a growth of 12.5% ​​compared to 2017, supported, of course, by the millions of industries, large and small, globally that make investments and promote their brand properties through events, leagues, teams, federations and professional athletes. In fact, the alliance between brands and sport remains incomparable, absolutely unbeatable, not only as a business, but also in the face of the titanic entertainment industry. And it is that, only in 2018, sports sponsorship grew 12.5% ​​until it received profits that exceeded USD 255,000 million, according to data published in a world report by the leading sports marketing company Euromericans Sport.

Favorable outlook.

These figures are just a taster of what is predicted for the industry, thanks to sports marketing . At the end of 2018, there was talk that the funds allocated to traditional advertising suffered an increase of 13%, compared to the growth in investment in the digital area, which was more than 32%. Similarly, a third of the profits that brands have been allocating to sports and their spin-off businesses go to the leagues, especially the North American ones. And it is known that, after the United States and the Super Bowl, which is the most attended sporting event in the world, Europe is in the spotlight with its soccer leagues that capture the attention of millions of fans.

How has covid-19 affected sport?

The sports industry was one of the first to take the harsh right hook of the coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, life changed us all and the confinement put many sports-related businesses in check. It was expected to be a year for large investments, with significant commercial growth, but the pandemic and the suspension of sporting events forced business owners to seek other paths so as not to lose visibility, money or time.

Despite the complex scenario that we have been experiencing since then, sports marketing has been presented as an effective channel of action so as not to be left behind. Whether through ecommerce or Ads on Google and Facebook, it has been possible to stand out in the midst of the crisis. Many businesses and chain stores focused on the sale of nba중계 goods did not suffer large losses, on the contrary, they continued with their growth projections for the year due to the need to exercise of the confined population, who were looking for alternatives to be active at home .