Lighting requirements from the National Athletics


Before any stadium or arena can host a college championship game in the United States, there are standards set by the NCAA that must be met. Some criteria include lighting based on the location of the game and the game being streamed. Here are some requirements for some games.


According to the NCAA, all basketball game lights must have a standard color rating of 3600 and a minimum color rendering index of 65. But due to the different locations used in the NCAA Division I tournaments, the main courts, the NBA arena, and the soccer dome arena. Used, lighting requirements are not the same. The field house requires 125 lit candles per square foot, with a capacity of approximately 10,000 spectators. An NBA stadium needs 200, with a capacity of 15,000 to 20,000, while a dome stadium, which needs nearly 70,000 spectators, needs 250.


A major determinant of the lighting requirements for NCAA nba중계 matches is television coverage. Non-TV games require 50 feet of wax, while regional broadcast games require 75 feet. If the game is broadcast to a local audience, the lighting requirement is 100, while 125 is required for tournament battles.


The standard game of college hockey on TV is lit by a 100-foot candle, but the first division of the Frozen Four and Underdog Championship requires a 125.

Lacrosse and soccer game

Since lacrosse matches are often played in football fields, the lighting conditions are the same. Standard games require 50 feet wax, 75 feet for regional broadcasts, 100 feet for national broadcasts, and 125 feet for championship matches.

Baseball and softball

Both games use the same terrain, which makes their lighting requirements the same. For standard games, the interior should be lit with 70 feet and 50 feet of candles for illumination. For matches that are broadcast locally and regionally, 100 are required for the main match and 70 for the outdoor stadiums. Requires 125 players on the field and 100 players off the field for the duration of the Tournament Round.

Wrestling, boxing and volleyball

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