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Football match live online for free

So how to watch a game without paying? The Upstream app is a good option. It allows you to watch Premier League...

7 skills needed to work in the game

Finding a job in the sports industry can be difficult. In the world of sports media, the ability to view is important...

3D TV – The future of sports broadcasting

Late last year, BSkyB unveiled what could become an important part of the future of game advertising: the delivery of 3D game...

Basic tips for good performance

    In recent years, nutrition has been of interest to players and the coaching staff of professional teams, who are increasingly aware...

5 tips to enjoy football when you cannot play

Today, football is played in 200 countries, that is, almost all over the world. More than 20 million people officially try to...

Audio Elements In Sports Broadcasts

The capital of Antioquia, Medellin, has become a city with a growth in events of up to 320 percent. Being one of...

Communication and marketing in professional sporting events”

”Panel is a young sport in our country that increasingly has more followers among the population of all ages, especially among adults...

Sports Radio News Reporter: Usually a radio presenter.

If you are planning to start a career in sports broadcasting, you may need to work overtime. Media representatives often have to...

What sports marketing strategies guarantee better results?

There are tactics that work well on paper and then on the field of play they are not so effective. The same...

10 sports-related business ideas

Sport is as much a show as it is a lifestyle and entertainment, and one of the most interesting sectors to set...



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