The role of the central government

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 and autonomous public administration, advancing to the next level of citizenship through the roles of local administrators and service providers. In addition to the growing economic importance, there is a growing trend of sport in Spain, which has been classified as a social phenomenon associated with the late 20th and early 21st centuries. According to Garcia Fernando and Lops Gong (2017), there have been a number of sports activities in recent years, with the number of sports activities doubling in the population aged 15 to 6 from 1980 to the first, in the State Administration, Council for Senior Sports (CSD). ), affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Sports, considers itself a group of character managers who work directly following the rules set by the authorities.

 The practice rate in Spain ranged from 5% in 1980 to 53% in 2015.

  “The significant increase in the social and economic importance of sport in the last decade, with its central and strategic place in modern society, is due to its contribution to” humanitarian and political legitimacy, social inclusion, international relations, innovation and the development of the society in which it takes place or in which the event 스포츠중계.

On the other hand, autonomous communities are considered

the director general of sport of the autonomous community is enshrined in the charter of self-government, ensuring compliance with the rules governing the territory corresponding to the territory. for policies, financial aid programs, training of sports technicians and management of the Physical and Sports Sciences Training Center. The impact of sport on the economy has increased significantly in recent years (Salgado-Barandela, Barajas and Sanchez Fernandez, 2017), but there are societal estimates.

Sports are becoming insignificant and small

Valuable for citizens, to be a part of everyday life. Public administration has been the basis for promoting and advancing physical activity practices for many years (Fernandez, Couth, & Aguilar, 2015). According to Gallardo et al. (2004), together with the independence of the service management model, are the three most important activities related to local government: (i) promotion of sport to all citizens of the city, through activities that facilitate knowledge and access to sport in this area. that. development. based on a system which in Spain, according to Law 10/1990 on sport, is based on a system of cooperation between the public, private and organizational sectors. These three sectors are responsible for advertising.


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